Lacoste Marice

Happy Hump Day friends!

Surprisingly this has been an easier week back than I anticipated!

Today I wanted to share a recent pair of shoes that Online Shoes gifted me:  Lacoste Marice.

I'm going to be completely honest--I wasn't very excited to be receiving these shoes.  They aren't my typical style and I know that on my own I would never even try them on in a store.  That being said, I thought styling them could be a good challenge.

Once receiving them, I was pleasantly surprised with the shoes. They are very comfortable and would be the perfect shoe for casual Saturday errands.  I put together a look just for that:

They were the perfect shoe to go with this casual look:  I wore my Seven Skinny Crop & Roll Jeans and my J. Crew Factory Boyfriend Sweater, next I grabbed my biggest Longchamp Le Pliage Tote and topped it all off with a baseball cap!


Their look reminded me a bit of Toms and their price is comparable at $69.95!


Like what you see?

What do you wear for casual days?

 If interested in checking out Online Shoes, you're in luck, because they're currently running a 20% off special on all orders that are $80 or more with the code ENJOY.  Their site has a wide variety to offer including brands such as Frye, Jack Rogers, and Sperry.

Finally, Ann reached out to me about her new link up with fellow blogger  Pampers and Pearls, called Mid Week Muse, all about finding fashion inspiration.  I thought this could be a great post to add to their very first link up, being that I was inspired to take a fashion challenge through this product review.  I hope that the link up proves to be a success for them and can't wait to see what other fashion finds are inspiring blog friends!

Ann Elliott

Have a great day!


Top Secret Pound Cake

A sad Monday over here, friends!  Not happy about returning to school after spring break.  8 weeks stand between summer and me and they cannot go by fast enough!

Today I am sharing the recipe for a TOP SECRET Pound Cake.

Many of you chimed in on Friday with great ideas for our sweet treat on Easter.  I loved the ideas I had found on Pinterest, but decided instead to ask Bryce to make his pound cake.  Less work for me on Easter morning and also it's a tried and true recipe!

This recipe is top secret as it comes from one of Bryce's co-workers who held on tight to it for quite some time.  He finally gave in, sharing the recipe, with only Bryce and one other guy they work with (and now ALL of you, mwahaha!).  The subject line of the e-mail read: "Top Secret" and it opened with:  "For my cooking Home boys."

I decided to serve it with fresh cut strawberries yesterday and as always, it was a crowd pleaser!

So, here's the recipe

3 c sugar
3 c all purpose flour
1 lb salted butter, softened at room temp (now you know why it's called POUND cake!)
6 large eggs
1 tbs of vanilla extract
1 can evaporated milk

*DISCLAIMER: I am going to type the directions out verbatim from the email and hopefully you will get a good chuckle from the manly verbiage:

"Crucial to follow this to a T

First grease a bunt cake pan with Crisco and flour...needs to be coated well or the cake will burn in the light spots

Let the butter soften for a while- you want it at room temp

In a large bowl, cream the butter with all the sugar...start by adding one egg at a time

Mix that sh*t for a long time once all the eggs are in.  It will take about 30-40 min with a blender.

It should look like whipped cream and most of the sugar should be dissolved.

Then add the vanilla extract and blend briefly.

Then add the flour and milk a little at a time and alternate between the two.

Mix everything really good and it should make a nice thick batter.

Pour it evenly into the bunt pan.

Make sure the oven is preheated to 350.

Place it in the oven for 20-30 min at 350 and then reduce the heat to 325 and bake for 45-50 min.

Once cool, remove from the bunt pan and cool the rest of the way.

Enjoy....if serving for a group of folks then I recommend making it the day before it just tastes better the next day but that's just me."

So there you have it!

FYI- we haven't yet been able to find a "bunt pan" at any of the local cooking stores, but our BUNDT pan has worked just fine...

All chuckling aside, this recipe really makes a delicious, hearty cake...and the best batter you will ever eat. Those who follow along on Instagram, may remember this post from a few months ago:

I may have chosen this cake for Easter
 solely so I could enjoy the batter while B slaved away in the hot kitchen...

Finally, I thought I would share a few more pictures from our Easter brunch.  My mom gave me complete rein in the kitchen and I had such a good time playing chef and preparing brunch for 11!

As mentioned in Friday's post...peeps were a must have for drink garnish! They were the perfect accessory for our mimosas, screwdrivers, and greyhounds!

Bryce's cake looked so pretty on the table!

Asparagus with Hollandaise

The full table...3 quiches were actually made, however, to fill the crowd!

Did you have a nice Easter?

What delicious foods did you munch on?

Have a great day!


Easter Brunch Menu

Happy Thursday friends!

Are y'all ready for Easter?

My mom and I have been talking back and forth the last few days to plan our Easter brunch menu.

I thought it would be fun to share some of our planning and also wouldn't mind hearing your ideas and plans!

On the menu for sure, is my favorite hash brown quiche, recipe here.

Also on tap for the day is some sort of yummy baked good.  Here are the contenders so far...

As far as drinks go, people will probably make their own choice-- mimosa, juice, coffee, milk, etc--but, all drinks will most definitely be garnished with a Peep!

How cute is that?

My mom already has her Easter decor out and ready, but I couldn't help sharing some of these cute ideas:

These could double as both table decor and favors!

This adorable garland and other Easter decor DIY ideas can be found here!

I'm also a big fan of this jelly bean tree DIY!

And finally...is this not the cutest Easter bunny you've ever seen!?


Do you have Easter plans?

What are your go-to recipes for brunch?

What's your vote for a sweet baked good?

Have a great day!


Road-Trippin' Home

Hi friends!

Those of you who follow on Instagram, know that Bryce and I have been in Charleston!

Well, today, we are road trippin' it back to Richmond.

Please excuse my blogging absence as I am soaking up every last minute of this special time together!

Be back to the blog world soon...can't wait to put together a post recapping the whole trip!

For now I'll leave you with this adorable Charleston print, that I just might have to order now as a way to remember our getaway!

Have a great day!


Loving...Spring Break Edition

Hallelujah!  It's Friday!  

Spring Break is finally here!

That being said, I thought it was the perfect chance to do a Loving... post all featuring goodies that would be perfect for a spring break trip!

I am smitten with Southern Proper's new swim trunk line and can't wait to get Bryce a pair from our local Southern Proper store, Natty Beau.

I am really looking forward to spending some leisurely time flipping through my favorite magazines:  I've got the above copy of Traditional Home as well as Southern Living and Real Simple just waiting to be read!

Nothing says spring break like a tunic you can dress up or down.  On the beach over a bikini? Yes, please!  With white skinnies, big earrings, and wedges?  You, betcha!

Regardless of whether you're jet setting or staying home for spring break, a cute tote is always useful!

I first saw these sunglasses on Katie's blog and haven't been able to get them out of my head since!  These would most certainly be the perfect spring break accessory!

And finally, no spring break is complete without a cocktail, or two, and this one looks deeeelish!

Is it spring break where you are?  

Have any fun plans?

What are you loving lately?

Have a great weekend!