It's Here!

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is an exciting day, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is HERE!

Click here to set up an account and make check out a breeze.

Items go FAST, so a seamless checkout will help insure you get your favorites!

Additionally, be sure to check out websites of Lilly via stores as they participate in the sale too, and sometimes have a different selection.  You can shop my local Lilly store, the Pink Palm here.

Below you will find some of my favorites...get 'em while they're hot!  Chances are some of these will already be out of stock by the time you read this post!

Was $148, now $69
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And of course we can't forget the little ladies...

Happy Shopping!


Hair Care

Happy Thursday readers!

I've had a lot on my plate emotionally these last few weeks, and it's really affected my blogging groove. I'm sorry to be getting away from my normal schedule and appreciate your patience as I work through some personal struggles.

I've had some reader requests for hair tips and thought it would be appropriate to write a post covering my favorite hair products and routine.

I'll start by being honest:  I was blessed with really good hair.  Every girl has things they love and hate about their appearance, and my hair happens to be one of the things I love.

My hair is pretty low maintenance; start to finish my whole routine takes less than 15 minutes.  Aside from a cowlick at my part (which just so happens to be one of Bryce's favorite features of mine, ha!) and a lack of volume at times, I can't really complain.

So while I don't necessarily have any hair secrets to share, I am happy to share some really helpful products I've discovered and my step-by-step routine.

During the week, most of the time I let my hair air dry and don't wash it every day.  As a kindergarten teacher, it's perfectly acceptable to go to school with wet hair thrown into a bun as I walk out the door. If I haven't washed it a particular morning, I'm a huge fan of the baby powder trick.  Because my hair is thin, it gets greasy really fast.  An easy solution, however, is just to rub baby powder in your roots.  I typically avoid my part, and also flip my hair over so that baby powder is never applied directly to the top.  In college I tried a fancy Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo and actually found the baby powder to be preferable.  It saves me time, and also helps my hair to stay healthier, because I typically only blow dry it about 3 times a week.

When I do go through the effort of getting dolled up, however, here is my routine:

1. Wash & Condition:  I don't have any one go-to shampoo and conditioner.  I go through phases and tend to switch it up.  I will say, though, that I am a big fan of John Frieda and Biolage products.

2. Brush:  After my shower, I brush my hair using the Olivia Garden Round Brush shown below.  I like it because it is very easy to clean and the round vented design allows me to give my layers some shape and body when blow drying.  My hairdresser often uses a paddle brush when styling my hair, so I'm also interested in trying one of those...

3. Oil:  After brushing, I put 1-2 squirts of Pureology Precious Oil in my wet hair.  I rub it in starting about halfway down through the ends.  Because I do highlight my hair regularly, I like to provide all the conditioning I can to keep my hair smooth and moisturized.  This is definitely a product to use sparingly, though, and I avoid putting it anywhere near the front of my hair or scalp.

4. Mousse:  I mentioned that one of my few complaints is that my hair can lack volume.  I have a lot of hair, but it is naturally straight and thin.  At times it can look a little flat and limp on my head.  To help with this, I usually rub about a golf ball sized amount of Kenra Volume Mousse Extra into my scalp and roots, making sure to poof it up a bit, before blow drying.

5.  Blow Dry:  I usually just dry it using my hands and brush to target specific sections.  To help with volume, I sometimes will part it in weird spots and dry it the opposite direction of the way it will eventually lay on my head.  I also flip my head over and dry upside down for a minute or two which adds volume.  I use a Hana Air Dryer that I was gifted a few years ago and LOVE it.  It makes my hair so soft.  You can read my full review of it here.

6. Fluff:  Most of the time I stop at step 5, however, I just added step 6 for special occasions.  I recently was introduced to Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish by my friend Michelle and absolutely love it.  You simply spray it at your roots and then work it in with your fingers fluffing your hair up.  

And there you have it! My hair routine.  

This is the end product of steps 1-5 on a particularly good hair day!

And finally, two other tips:

1. I have found that long layers are very helpful in terms of increasing volume and body!

2. In this post, I asked for tips on curling hair, because I am hopeless with a curling iron.  Responding to my request, sweet Cambron recommended a curling wand and it was a total game changer.  I can now curl my hair with ease!  I have this Conair one and love it.

This was my hair on just the second attempt with the wand!

What does your hair routine involve?

Any other tips for adding volume?

Have a great day!


TB Private Sale

Happy Monday readers!

I am posting with exciting news today:  A Tory Burch private sale just started!

Those who follow along on Instagram know that while I was in Orlando last week, I shopped at the Tory Burch outlet, so I will not be partaking in this sale.  I still couldn't resist sharing the deals with you, though!

To shop all sale items click here or keep reading to shop my favorites listed below.

Was $250, now just $99!

Was $195, now $149!

Was $350, now just $199!
I just got this at the tan and LOVE it!

Was $250, now just $119!

Was $185, now juts $79!

Was $235, now $189!

Will you be shopping the sale?

What is on your wish list for fall?

Have a great day!



Happy Friday readers!

It has been a wonderful week in Orlando...just what the doctor ordered after a particularly tough few weeks.  I am ready and happy to make it home today and to celebrate my dad's 55th birthday tomorrow (his actual birthday was yesterday)!

Today I am sharing some interiors that are particularly dreamy to me.  I could spend all day every day flipping through design mags or scrolling through Pinterest looking at images like these.  I try not to overly share them on here, though, because, like me, most of y'all go to Pinterest for that.  Every now and then however, it's nice to let the pictures do most of the talking and to just enjoy looking at pretty things!  Here are some of my recent faves:

I like spaces that are eclectic...

I like spaces that are punchy...

I like spaces that are full of lots of different patterns...

I like spaces that are calm and clean...

I like spaces that are bright and livable...

I like spaces that feel personal...

I like spaces that are both traditional and modern...

I like spaces that inspire creativity...

And apparently, I like spaces that are blue and green...  

I just noticed that trend amongst all these favorites and think they are the perfect colors to fill a home!

What design trends are you loving right now?

What types of pretty images fill your daydreams?

Have a great weekend!


Shore Summer Kick-Off

Happy Hump Day readers!

I am writing from sunny Orlando!  Friday I booked a last minute ticket to come visit one of my best friends, Angela, and couldn't be happier to get the chance to visit her!

Today I am sharing a weekend recap that has taken me all summer to write.  I'm honestly feeling a bit depressed writing this, because it was the very first weekend of my summer break, which is now coming to a close way too quickly!  I can't believe that in just a few short weeks I will be going back to school.

But back to the fun weekend...

Those of you who have been reading for a while, know that this past school year was tough...really tough. That being said, Bryce and I wanted to do something fun to kick off my summer break.  We decided that returning to his hunt club on the Eastern Shore (see past post here) would be a good way to really put a close to this past school year.  We asked our friends Erin and Ryan to join us and were so excited to show them the place that has become special to the both of us.

Please be patient with me as I share lots of pictures and reminisce the happiness that was the beginning of summer!

We left on the evening of my last day of school, June 13.  To break up the trip, we made a dinner stop at Waterman's, a restaurant and bar on the Virginia Beach oceanfront that is known for their orange crushes! While the guys headed to the bar to retrieve orange crushes for us, Erin and I couldn't resist visiting the super cute shop inside the restaurant.

We were so excited when we discovered Waterman's tanks inside the shop.  You see, at Erin's and Ryan's housewarming party a few weeks prior (read her post on that here), debauchery was widespread and all the guys had changed into tanks late into the night.  We therefore thought tanks for the weekend would make the perfect gag gift!

We enjoyed yummy seafood...

and orange crushes!

We got to the shore late that night and turned in.  The next morning we were ready to go with Mimosas and Bloody Marys, made by Ryan!

We then of course, had to head down to the dock and show Erin & Ryan the gorgeous marsh!

I could never tire of this view!

Cheers to Summer!

After that we headed to the classic Exmore Diner for some brunch and followed that with antiquing in Onancock!

Milkshakes are always a good idea.

Erin and Ryan lucked out at Market Street Antiques.

Once we got back, it was time to slip into our suits (and tanks) and enjoy some time on the dock!

This bird did not like us encroaching on his turf!

Keep Calm and Crush On

Are you getting tired of marsh pics yet?

Bryce had fun showing Erin the oyster floats.

And Ryan even enjoyed one of the oysters straight from the water!

We also attempted to take some couple's pics.  As you can see, Bryce and I had a little trouble...

Erin and Ryan looking flawless!

Before heading up for dinner, we couldn't resist taking just a few more marsh pics...

Can you blame me?  Look at all this gorgeousness!

We also took a shadow selfie!

We tried to get a pic of the guys in their tanks before dinner, but struggled with that.  I think Bryce is the common denominator when it comes to failed photos...

And of course a selfie was order in all our matching tank glory:

And we finally sat down to a delicious meal prepared entirely by the guys!

Grilled Corn on the Cob, Bacon Wrapped Chicken & Steak!

For dessert, the guys indulged in a blind bourbon taste test Ryan had planned...

The rest of the night was filled with good conversation and a bit of silliness on the screened in porch!

Sunday morning, we couldn't resist one last glimpse of the marsh before heading home...

Nor could we resist a pitstop at Taste Unlimited in Virginia Beach for lunch (full post here)!

Have you traveled any this summer?

What are your favorite spots for weekend getaways?

Have a great day!